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Your dog needs regular walking for good health and happiness. Unfortunately, with today's hectic schedules, most domestic pets do not get the exercise that they need. This cannot only cause bad behavior, but can also lead to health conditions. Dog Dynamics helps pet owners solve this problem by providing professional and dependable dog walking services for Park City, UT and the surrounding areas.

We are affordable so that you can commit to daily dog walking for your family friend. We pick your dogs up from your home and take them walking in the familiar surroundings of your home and neighborhood. If you are near a dog park, we may take them to socialize with other furry friends while getting their exercise. Regular dog walking not only improves your dog's health but will work off that extra energy so that they are ready to relax with you when you get home from work!

It is very beneficial for your pet to have a regular dog walker that they are familiar with. Dog Dynamics enjoys making lasting relationships with your pet. We maintain a regular schedule, so your pet knows when to expect us and is always happy to see us!We are licensed, insured, and certified in first aid for your pet, so you never have to worry; your companion is in good hands!

Your pet will be given individualized attention. You will have a personal dog walker that cares just for them. Other services might pick up your dog and take them walking with ten other pets. While your pets will get the exercise they need, they don't get the love and one on one attention that we provide.

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